Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

This online resource is a record of responses to requests received under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000.

Making these responses available to the wider community will provide a greater understanding of the work of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the type of information held.

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14 May 2024
Request for running costs for OPCC- Gwent
13 May 2024
Request for the total sum of money, if any, given to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in grant funding or other funding, since 2016 to the present day.
13 May 2024
Request for staffing costs and declarable interests
10 May 2024
Request for information relating to the Private Finance Initiative agreement for the financing of Ystrad Mynach Police Station
29 April 2024
Request for has any active projects within digital transmission and the migration away from outdated end of life systems
20 March 2024
Request for a copy of Execuitve summary/Evaluation of perpetrator programme funded fully or in part by the Home Office Perpetrator Fund.
20 March 2024
Request for information in the use of live video streaming technology for operational purposes.
5 March 2024
Request for information on the period of time XXX xxxx was ‘engaged’ in the Professional Standards Department of Gwent Police
28 February 2024
Request for the number of number of penalty charge notices issued for speeding offences on the Southern Distributor Road (SDR) in Newport since the cameras at the junction of Usk Way became active on Monday, June 26 to February 2024. for the month of June 2023 / July / August / September etc through to and including the latest information you have for February 2024
28 February 2024
Request for information In line with the legal recognition of ethical veganism as a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act 2010 since January 2020, any written communication from 2020 to 2023 inclusively between the Police and Crime Commissioner office and the Police, regarding veganphobia or hate crime against vegans