Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

This online resource is a record of responses to requests received under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000.

Making these responses available to the wider community will provide a greater understanding of the work of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the type of information held.

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18 May 2023
Request for information regarding temporary labour usage in your organisation, including contractors, temporary workers, and freelancers.
18 May 2023
Request for average waiting time for support services for victims of sexual abuse or violence
18 May 2023
Can you advise me on who are the Key People to talk to in the organisation ref ICT
18 May 2023
Request for the number of race and religion Hate Crimes
17 May 2023
Request for sight of the women's pathfinder WSA tender questions/spec from 2019.
10 May 2023
Request for information on Women's Pathfinder contract.
17 April 2023
Who is responsible for the information compiled on the NICHE Records Management System for the Gwent Police. This is in relation to a GDPR request.
14 April 2023
Request for details on current Blue light fleet (inc Motorbikes) for market research
5 April 2023
Request for information on the number of services commissioned in relation to Child Vicitms of Child Criminal or Sexual Exploitation over the last 12 months
21 March 2023
Request for information in relation to Farewell functions