Torfaen Community and Voluntary Awards

24th October 2022

I was delighted to sponsor this year’s Torfaen Community and Voluntary Awards.

These awards recognise the amazing contributions that volunteers have played in our communities throughout 2022.

I was pleased to sponsor the ‘Adult Volunteer of the Year’ award, which was awarded to Vicki Randall, founder of Cwmbran Netball Club.

Cwmbran Netball Club was established by Vicki 11 years ago and since then it has flourished in size and stature.

Starting out with just 5 players, Vicki’s passion, and determination to provide access to sport for women and girls has led to the club expanding to 350 members. 

Sport has a unique ability to bring people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds together, and Vikki has achieved this through and her selfless commitment to give her time to others whilst juggling a family and career in education.

I am delighted that Vikki has helped young players to follow in her footsteps to become qualified coaches at the club.

Empowering young people to become young coaches and role models to others in the club is a fantastic way to grow the club and create a legacy.

I would like to thank Vicki for everything she has done for sport, women, and girls in Torfaen, and wish her all the best for the future.