Project Edward

1st June 2023

Last week my team joined Gwent Police in Pontypool as part of an operation for Project EDWARD.

Project EDWARD stands for ‘every day without a road death’. The police partnered with local councils, fire and rescue, the DVLA and DVSA to tackle unsafe driving across Gwent.

The results included:

  • five arrests for drink or drug driving.
  • three arrests for dangerous driving or driving without due care.
  • nine vehicles seized for having no insurance or no licence.
  • 25 no tax referrals.
  • eight insecure load offences.
  • 102 traffic offence reports for speeding or using a mobile phone.
  • 416 notices of intended prosecution for speeding, using a mobile phone, and not wearing a seatbelt.
  • zero fatal road traffic collisions.

I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work over the week.

The fact is that almost all traffic incidents which result in serious injury and death could be avoided.

So please, avoid speeding, keep your vehicle properly maintained, don't use your mobile phone while driving and help us to save lives.