Pupils open up about safe spaces in their community.

19th March 2024

This week my team visited Beaufort Hill Primary school in Ebbw Vale. Pupils took part in a Safe Space workshop, where they shared their thoughts about their community.


Pupils were delighted to meet CSO Hodges from Gwent Police. CSO Hodges listened to their thoughts and feelings, and provided reassurance and insight into some areas of concern that were raised.


It was reassuring to know that all pupils understood that the age of criminal responsibility is 10 years of age, and that they are aware of the impact and consequences of making hoax calls and starting deliberate fires.


The workshop aims to educate children and young people whilst providing my office, Gwent Police and partner organisations insight into any issues pupils may have.


The voices of children and young people are important to me, and this workshop is just one of many methods that my office uses to obtain the information.