Tier 3: Strategic Commissioning

The third tier relates to strategic commissioning activity, driven by the introduction of commissioning responsibilities for Commissioners, through the unification of funding from various sources.

Prior to Commissioners, the Home Office directly part-funded local Community Safety Partnerships, however, with the inception of Commissioners, it was determined that this funding should be directed to Commissioners in the first instance, in order to ensure maximum impact from the funding and provide local accountability. This principle has been further enforced, with the full responsibility (and associated funding) for Victims' Services Commissioning being passed to Commissioners from 2015/16 onwards.

With the introduction of these new commissioning responsibilities, and the significant requirement to deliver these new responsibilities, Commissioner has established a Strategic Commissioning Board (SCB).

The SCB first met in June 2013 and continued to meet at least bi-monthly until its last meeting in February 2017. To facilitate the workings of the SCB, a 'Strategic Commissioning Framework' was developed and endorsed. The SCB developed its Strategic Commissioning Intentions and it was agreed that for each theme identified, a Task and Finish Group was established to initially document a review of the current service provision within each area and to provide a blueprint of future service delivery; with recommendations made to the SCB.

In November 2016, the SCB considered and revised its Strategic Commissioning Intentions and added a further five themes to those chosen originally. The most current themes comprise of the following areas:

  1. Strategic Community Safety;
  2. Crime Prevention and Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention; 
  3. Core Policing; 
  4. Victims; 
  5. Rehabilitation;
  6. Violence Against Women and Girls;
  7. Mental Health; 
  8. Safeguarding;
  9. Prevention and Early Intervention;
  10. Cyber Enabled Criminality; and
  11. Community Cohesion.

Funding Awarded