Community Trigger

The community trigger was introduced in October 2014 to give victims of persistent anti-social behaviour the right to request a review of their complaints, and brings agencies together to take a joined up, problem-solving approach to find a solution.

Community trigger requests are reviewed by a panel consisting of senior representatives of local authority, local health board, police and registered social landlords (housing provider). The panel will review the actions taken so far by the agencies involved and may make recommendations regarding further action which needs to be taken.

The community trigger does not replace the internal complaints procedures for each organisation, which will still be available to deal with any issues the victim/complainant may have with a single agency. 

In the first instance, any anti-social behaviour should be reported either to the registered social landlord and/or the local authority or police.

The community trigger should be viewed as a last resort for victims of anti-social behaviour if they believe that inadequate action has been taken to deal with their reported incident.

Who can activate a community trigger?

The community trigger can be activated by:

  • Victims of anti-social behaviour
  • Victim’s representative, on their behalf (e.g. family member, friend, carer, councillor, MP or other professional person, all with victims consent only)
  • Businesses or community group.

Assistance will be provided to those victims requiring additional support.

If you believe that your issue or concern is relevant to the community trigger process, you should contact your local Community Safety Partnership. 

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How can the Police and Crime Commissioner help?

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner will provide a route if you wish to query the decision made by the Community Safety Partnership on whether the threshold was met or the way a trigger was reviewed and carried out.

To request a review of the decision made by the Community Safety Partnership please contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner