Budget 2015-2016

Budget 2015-2016

The Commissioner is required to determine the budget for 2015/16 and then set the council tax precept in consultation with the Police and Crime Panel. The greater part of the budget will be allocated for operational purposes, but an element needs to be retained to cover the cost of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and commissioning of services from organisations other than the Chief Constable.

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Budget 2015/16

In determining the Budget Requirement for 2015/16 the Commissioner will have regard to the Police and Crime Plan, the Chief Constable’s view of the financial resources required to deliver the operational requirements of the Plan, the level of resources to be allocated for commissioning other than from the Chief Constable and the cost of running the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Commissioner has approved, in consultation with the Police and Crime Panel:

  1. A budget requirement for 2015/16 of £117,773,547;

  2. The planned efficiency savings and reserve utilisation in 2015-16 of £6.027m, as detailed in Appendices 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, 5b and 7 of the annex to this submission;

  3. The initial Capital Programme as described in Appendix 8;

  4. The further proposed utilisation of the reserves (Appendix 7); and

  5. The 2015/16 proposed precept to be levied in respect of general expenses of £44,856,814 (equivalent to a Council Tax Band D of £211.62) and that this sum be apportioned to each City/County/County Borough Council according to the following table:
Unitary Authorities£Tax Base Band D Equivalent
Blaenau Gwent4,193,28619,815.17

The precept shown in the above table generates the following amounts of council tax for the various bands:

Council Tax Band


Budget 2015/2016 Annex

Appendix 1a Impact of Incremental Precept Changes

Appendix 1b Medium Term Financial Projections

Appendix 2 Medium Term Financial Projections - Assumptions

Appendix 3 Identified Budgetary Pressures and Developments

Appendix 4a Identified Budget Reductions

Appendix 4b Staying Ahead Schemes Delivered 2014-15

Appendix 4c Future Staying Ahead Phase 8 Scheme Savings

Appendix 5a Police Officer Establishment Flight Path

Appendix 5b Police Staff Establishment Flight Path

Appendix 6a Revenue Outturn 2014/15 as at 30th November 2014

Appendix 6b Establishment Summary as at 30th November 2014

Appendix 6c Capital Programme as at 30th November 2014

Appendix 7 Reserves and Sinking Funds

Appendix 8  Capital Programme 2014/15 to 2017/18

Police and Crime Panel Report

Response to Proposed Precept for 2015/16

Council Tax Precept Notice 2015/16

Decision Log Approving the Budget for 2015/16