Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

Gwent Police established its Ethics Committee in April 2015. 

The Committee comprises seven individuals from a large cross-section of our local communities and has representatives from many different protected characteristics such as faith, ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality and disability.

The purpose of the Committee is to stand completely separate from the force itself and be wholly independent.  It's role is to provide advice and guidance on any matter relating to Gwent Police from an ethical point of view.

The Committee doesn't generally have any link to Professional Standards, but there is a slight crossover in their work. The focus is always around the Code of Ethics and general ethical standards as part of the force’s ongoing commitment to embed the Code of Ethics.

Anyone within Gwent Police can submit an issue to the Ethics Committee for discussion. All deliberations and discussions are held in private and all officers/staff are excluded.  The Committee's advice/guidance is not binding on the Chief Officer Team, however they directly report to the Deputy Chief Constable and provide written advice to him and the Chief Constable. 

The Commissioner attends Ethics Committee meetings as an observer.