Decisions Made


Decision Logs for 2017

Decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent,
from 1st January to 31st December 2017
PCCG-2017-037Police and Crime Plan Annual Report 2016-17
PCCG-2017-035Independent Sexual Violence Advocate Funding 2017-18 for Cyfannol
PCCG-2017-034Provision of Cabling Services Contract
PCCG-2017-030Appointment of Mr Julian Gwynne Williams as Chief Constable for Gwent Police
PCCG-2017-031Funding for New Pathways 2017-18
PCCG-2017-029Contract for Design and Construction of a New Police HQ and Demolition of Existing HQ
M-2017-004Strategy and Performance Board, 21st July 2017
PCCG-2017-028Connect Gwent Funding for Partner Organisations 2017-18
PCCG-2017-027Treasury Management Annual Report 2016-17
PCCG-2017-026Extension of National Driver Offender Rehabilitation Courses Contract
PCCG-2017-025Appointment of an Acting Chief Constable
PCCG-2017-024Complaints File Inspection 1st April 2016 to 30th September 2016
M-2017-003Strategy and Performance Board, 23rd May 2017
PCCG-2017-020Positive Impact Fund 2016-17
PCCG-2017-023New Pathways Service Funding 2017-18
PCCG-2017-018Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Services Grant Funding 2017-18
PCCG-2017-021Proposal for the Establishment of a Multi-Pathway Diversion Unit for Gwent
PCCG-2017-022Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Annual Review
PCCG-2017-017High Sheriff's Community Fund 2017-18
PCCG-2017-016Media Monitoring Provision
PCCG-2017-014Commitment to the Welsh Language
PCCG-2017-015Supply and Maintenance of ANPR Equipment
PCCG-2017-010Police and Crime Plan 2017-2021
PCCG-2017-009Asset Management Strategy
PCCG-2017-008Manual of Corporate Governance Annual Review
M-2017-002Strategy and Performance Board, 21st March 2017
PCCG-2017-012Animal Welfare Scheme Minutes, 3rd October 2016
PCCG-2017-013Provision and Maintenance of Multi-Functional Devices
PCCG-2017-011Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Minutes, 2nd March 2017
PCCG-2017-004Use of Policies and Procedures
PCCG-2017-006Police and Crime Budget and Precept Proposal 2017-18
PCCG-2017-007Animal Welfare Scheme Minutes, 13th February 2017
PCCG-2017-001Wise Kids Conference 2017
PCCG-2017-005Extension of the Women's Diversion Scheme Contract- Gwent
PCCG-2017-003Community Safety Grant Funding 2017-18
M-2017-001Strategy & Performance Board, 24th January 2017
PCCG-2017-002Provision of Forensic Services
PCCG-2016-077Treasury Management 2016-17 Update Report
PCCG-2016-078Treasury Management Strategy 2017-18 to 2019-20

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