Decisions Made


Decision Logs for 2016

Decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent,
from 1st January to 31st December 2016
PCCG-2016-073Newport City Council - Request to Collaborate as a SRS Partner
PCCG-2016-075Joint Welsh Language Annual Update 2016-17
PCCG-2016-076New Police Station for Caerphilly Town Centre
PCCG-2016-071Restorative Justice Contract
PCCG-2016-074Provision for the Supply and Fit of Tyres
M-2016-006Strategy & Performance Board, 29th November 2016
PCCG-2016-069Complaints File Inspection for 1st October 2015 to 31st March 2016
PCCG-2016-068Annual Review of Gwent Police Gifts and Hospitality and Business Interests Registers 2015-16
PCCG-2016-067OPCC's Commissioning Budget - Funding for Torfaen Crime Prevention Panel 2016-17
M-2016-005Strategy and Performance Board, 30th September 2016
PCCG-2016-063Independent Custody Scheme Minutes, 25th August 2016
PCCG-2016-064Joint Audit Committee Annual Report 2015/16
PCCG-2016-059Amendment to the Manual of Corporate Governance
PCCG-2016-061OPCC's Commissioning Budget
PCCG-2016-062Funding for a Mental Health Professional Working in the Force Communications Suite
PCCG-2016-066Collaboration Agreement for the ACRO Criminal Records Office
M-2016-004Strategy and Performance Board, 20th July 2016
PCCG-2016-058Annual Review of Gwent Police's Gifts and Hospitality and Business Interests, 2014/15
PCCG-2016-060Complaints File Inspection for 1st April to 30th September 2015
PCCG-2016-057The Provision of Consultancy Services for Implementation of Agresso Business World
PCCG-2016-052Delegated Authority for Insurance Claims Handling
PCCG-2016-054National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC)
PCCG-2016-056Funding of the Third Sector Development Officer
PCCG-2016-053Gwent Integrated Recovery Interventions Service (Gwent IRIS) Annual Review, May 2015 to March 2016
PCCG-2016-055Treasury Management Annual Report 2015-16
PCCG-2016-044Provision of Treasury Management Services
PCCG-2016-045Police Commissioner's Wings to Fly Programme Grant Funding for the 2016/17 Events
PCCG-2016-046Victim Services Grant Funding Allocation 2016/17
PCCG-2016-047Provision of Childcare Vouchers Under a Salary Sacrifice Scheme
PCCG-2016-048Animal Welfare Scheme Minutes, 8th February 2016
PCCG-2016-049Animal Welfare Scheme Minutes, 6th June 2016
PCCG-2016-050Independent Custody visiting Scheme Minutes, 25th February 2016
PCCG-2016-051Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Minutes, 26th May 2016
PCCG-2016-043Provision of Veterinary Services Contract Extension
M-2016-003Strategy and Performance Board, 24th May 2016
PCCG-2016-041Grant Funding Allocation 2016/17 - Child Sexual Exploitation Services
PCCG-2016-037Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Review
PCCG-2016-039Provision of Business Rates Appeal Services and Property Valuation and Disposal Services
PCCG-2016-040Provision of an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS)
PCCG-2016-030Positive Impact Fund
PCCG-2016-038Joint Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020
PCCG-2016-033Provision of Childcare Vouchers under a Salary Sacrifice Scheme
PCCG-2016-032Provision of a Managed Service for Employee Benefit Schemes
PCCG-2016-034OPCC Report on Engagement and Consultation, 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016
PCCG-2016-036Police and Crime Plan Annual Report 2015-2016
PCCG-2016-035Kennelling Agreement under Section 22a Police Act
PCCG-2016-028High Sheriff's Community Fund
PCCG-2016-027Additional Funding for Positive Futures for 2016/17
PCCG-2016-023Pontypool Police Station Partial Rewire 2016
PCCG-2016-024Blaenau Gwent - Request to Collaborate as SRS Partner
PCCG-2016-026Provision of Travel Services
PCCG-2016-025Provision of Target Hardening
M-2016-002Strategy and Performance Board, 14th March 2016
PCCG-2016-013Alway Police Station, Newport - Rent Review
PCCG-2016-015Grant Funding Allocation 2016/17
PCCG-2016-019Production of a Joint Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020
PCCG-2016-018Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Annual Report, April 2014 to March 2015
PCCG-2016-022Legal Expenses Reimbursement Protocol
PCCG-2016-021Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy (Revised)
PCCG-2016-020Estate Strategy - Purchase Police HQ Land
PCCG-2016-012Provision of Managed Service for Vehicle Recovery Scheme
PCCG-2016-016Application for funding from Friends of Canol Yr Afon School
PCCG-2016-017Provision of a Community Messaging System
PCCG-2016-009Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Meeting 23rd November 2015
PCCG-2016-010Appointment of Chief of Staff
PCCG-2016-011Police and Crime Budget and Precept Proposal 2016-17
M-2016-001Strategy and Performance Board, 26th January 2016
PCCG-2016-006Strategic Risk Management
PCCG-2016-002Positive Impact Fund 2016-17 - Gwent Police Choir
PCCG-2016-008Temporary Amendment to the OPCC Freedom of Information Procedure
PCCG-2016-005PACE Community Film on Money Lending Prevention
PCCG-2016-004Business Interests Policy
PCCG-2016-001Community Safety Fund - Get Safe Online
PCCG-2016-003Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Campaign Funding 2015-16

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