Decisions Made


Decision Logs for 2013

Decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent,
from 1st January to 31st December 2013
PCCG-2013-132Funding Allocation 2013-14
PCCG-2013-131Positive Impact Fund - Gwent Police Choir
PCCG-2013-133Oversight and Monitoring of Police Public Protection
PCCG-2013-126Disposal and Destruction of Protectively Marked Waste
M-2013-015Strategy & Performance Board, 17th December 2013
PCCG-2013-123Positive Impact Fund Allocation 2013
M-2013-014People Services Plan Half Year Update 2013
PCCG-2013-114Gwent DIP Performance Management Report Quarter 1
M-2013-009Employment Tribunal Findings Report
M-2013-010Finance Report to 30th September 2013
M-2013-011Staying Ahead Programme
PCCG-2013-124Police Commissioners Partnership Fund - Funding Allocation November 2013
PCCG-2013-111Sponsorship Policy and Procedure
PCCG-2013-120Usk Police Station and Use of Sessions House, Usk Monmouthshire
PCCG-2013-121OPCC Commissioning Budget
PCCG-2013-122Strategic Policing Requirement
PCCG-2013-119Appointment of Mr Jeffery John Farrar as Chief Constable for Gwent Police
PCCG-2013-115Welsh Language Scheme Annual Review
PCCG-2013-112Provision of Vehicle Body Repairs
M-2013-013Strategy & Performance Board, 22nd October 2013
PCCG-2013-117Animal Welfare Scheme
PCCG-2013-116Indpendent Custody Visiting Scheme Minutes, 2nd October 2013
M-2013-002Strategy and Performance Board, 17th September 2013
PCCG-2013-118Treasury Management Annual Report 2012/13
PCCG-2013-109Second Stage Staff Transfers
PCCG-2013-110Chief Constable Relocation Policy
PCCG-2013-105Support to Bike Shed Project
PCCG-2013-106Commissioners Fund
PCCG-2013-107Publication of a Victim's Charter
PCCG-2013-108Building Cleaning Contract
M-2013-001Performance Against the Police and Crime Plan Report for July
M-2013-008Performance Against the Police and Crime Plan Report for July
PCCG-2013-102Extension of Building Cleaning Report
PCCG-2013-103Early Voluntary Exit Scheme for Police Staff
PCCG-2013-094Gwent Drug Interventions Programme (DIP) - Commissioning
PCCG-2013-104TARIAN Section 22A
PCCG-2013-099NICHE RMS Monitoring Report
PCCG-2013-100Appointment Process for New Chief Constable
PCCG-2013-101Consultation on Alignment of ICT Staff and Services
M-2013-005ICT Update
M-2013-006Contracts and Procurement Annual Report for 2012/13
M-2013-007Stop and Search Interim Report
PCCG-2013-097Animal Welfare Minutes, 16th July 2013
PCCG-2013-098Extension of Grounds Maintenance Contract
PCCG-2013-092Appointment of Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
PCCG-2013-090Stage 2 Staff Transfer
PCCG-2013-091DIP Annual Report
PCCG-2013-093Publication of Police and Crime Plan Annual Report November 2012 - June 2013
PCCG-2013-095Staying Ahead Phase 7
PCCG-2013-086Membership of Joint Audit Committee
PCCG-2013-088OPCC's Commissioning Budget - Crime Prevention Panels
PCCG-2013-096Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Minutes, 3rd July 2013
M-2013-012Strategy & Performance Board, 16th July 2013
PCCG-2013-087Animal Welfare Minutes, 16th April 2013
PCCG-2013-089Agreement under section 60 of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 1998
PCCG-2013-085Interim Staffing Structure for the Office of the Police and Crime (OPCC) Commissioner for Gwent
PCCG-2013-077Gifts and Hospitality
PCCG-2013-083Business Interests
M-2013-003Strategy and Performance Board, 21st May 2013
M-2013-004Strategy and Performance Board, 18th June 2013
PCCG-2013-076Police Property Act Fund Allocation - Ebbw Vale and District Crime Prevention Partnership
PCCG-2013-082Health and Safety Policy
PCCG-2013-084Appointment of Temporary Chief Constable
PCCG-2013-070Employment Tribunal Findings
PCCG-2013-080Provision of a Monitoring and Audit System
PCCG-2013-059Gwent Collaboration Report
PCCG-2013-066Performance Report Against the Police and Crime Plan (April)
PCCG-2013-067Staying Ahead Programme Update
PCCG-2013-068Preventing Violent Extremism
PCCG-2013-069ICT Update
PCCG-2013-071PSD Performance Report
PCCG-2013-072Learning the Lesson Bulletin 18
PCCG-2013-073Gwent Police Response to the HMIC Inspection of Custody
PCCG-2013-074Annual Report on Custody Visiting Scheme
PCCG-2013-075Progress on Implementation of the Estates Strategy
PCCG-2013-078Stop and Search Update
PCCG-2013-064ICV Minutes April
PCCG-2013-065Agreement under section 60 of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 1998
PCCG-2013-079Lease for Block B, Caerleon House, Mamhilad
PCCG-2013-063Additional Unison Post
PCCG-2013-052Stop and Search Dip Sampling Exercise March 2013
PCCG-2013-055Performance Report March
PCCG-2013-056Monitoring Report on OPCC Complaints
PCCG-2013-057Annual Report on Data Quality in Relation to Crime & Incidents
PCCG-2013-058Civil Claims
PCCG-2013-060Holding of the SPB in Public
PCCG-2013-044Specified Proceedings - Police Prosecutions
PCCG-2013-061Welsh Language Scheme
PCCG-2013-053Strategic Equality Plan Annual Update
PCCG-2013-054Police Poperty Act Fund - Funding Allocation March 2013
PCCG-2013-016Exemptions for Public Meetings
PCCG-2013-050Independent Custody Visiting Association Membership 2013/14
PCCG-2013-051Funding Provision - OWL Project 2013 / 2014
PCCG-2013-047Provision of Property Services
PCCG-2013-048Provision of Physiotherapy Service
PCCG-2013-038Police and Crime Plan
PCCG-2013-040Learning the Lessons, Bulletin 17
PCCG-2013-041Finance Report to 31st January 2013
PCCG-2013-042Asset Management Strategy
PCCG-2013-043Acquisition and Implementation of HR and Payroll IT System
PCCG-2013-046Performance Report February 2013
PCCG-2013-049Application for the Reinstatement of a Widow's Pension
PCCG-2013-039Grant Funding Allocation 2013/14 - Positive Futures
PCCG-2013-028Income Generation
PCCG-2013-023Scenes of Crime Consumables Contract
PCCG-2013-036Sale of Land next to De Winton Pub, Llanbradach
PCCG-2013-037Sale of Blaenavon Police Station
PCCG-2013-017Staying Ahead Update
PCCG-2013-018Extension of Hospitality Contract
PCCG-2013-019Extension of Office Products Contract
PCCG-2013-020Framework for the Supply and Installation of Servers and Associated Equipment
PCCG-2013-024HMIC Integrity Inspection - Improvement Plan
PCCG-2013-025Funding Envelope for Police Officer Recruitment
PCCG-2013-026Progress with Estates Strategy
PCCG-2013-027ICT Update
PCCG-2013-029People Issues
PCCG-2013-030Due Diligence List
PCCG-2013-034Vetting Report
PCCG-2013-035Performance Report January
PCCG-2013-032Police & Crime Budget 2013-14
PCCG-2013-033Strategic Policing Requirement
PCCG-2013-031Treasury Management Strategy 2013-14
PCCG-2013-015Estate Strategy (Head Office Concept)
PCCG-2013-021Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Minutes, 17th December 2012
PCCG-2013-022Animal Welfare Minutes
PCCG-2013-001Stop and Search Dip Sampling
PCCG-2013-006Multi-Force Shared Service Project (The Hub)
PCCG-2013-007Collaboration Principles
PCCG-2013-008Staying Ahead
PCCG-2013-009RDHI Upgrade (Retained Data Handover Interface)
PCCG-2013-010Use of Regulation A19
PCCG-2013-011Sale of Abercarn Police Station Car Park to Caerphilly County Borough Council
PCCG-2013-012Sale of Rassau Police Station
PCCG-2013-013Collaboration - Joint Procurement Service
PCCG-2013-014Legal Expenses Reimbursement
PCCG-2013-004Provision of Temporary Agency Workers
PCCG-2013-005Provision of 2 Mobile Police Stations
PCCG-2013-002GIFT - Appointment of Directors
PCCG-2013-003Appointment of Mr Paul Harris as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent

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