Decisions Made


Decision Logs for 2012

Decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent,
from 1st January to 31st December 2012
PCCG-2012-008Police and Crime Plan
PCCG-2012-020Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy
PCCG-2012-021Grievance Policy
PCCG-2012-022Smoke Free Policy and Procedure
PCCG-2012-023Attendance Management Policy and Procedure
PCCG-2012-024Health and Safety Policy
PCCG-2012-025Capability Policy and Procedure
PCCG-2012-026Equality and Human Rights Policy
PCCG-2012-027Discipline Procedure
PCCG-2012-028Recruitment and Selection Policy
PCCG-2012-029Substance Misuse Policy and Procedure
PCCG-2012-030Police Property Fund
PCCG-2012-007Corporate Planning Protocol
PCCG-2012-031Joint Engagement Strategy
PCCG-2012-009Professional Standards Department Performance Report
PCCG-2012-010Finance Performance Report to 31st October 2012
PCCG-2012-011Updated 2013/14 Budget Briefing Report
PCCG-2012-012Provision of an Internal Audit Service
PCCG-2012-013Provision of Driver Education Offender Rehabilitation Scheme(s) Speed Awareness
PCCG-2012-014Complaints Protocol and Procedure for Dip Sampling of Complaints
PCCG-2012-016Strategic Risk Management Proposal
PCCG-2012-017Membership of Joint Audit Committee
PCCG-2012-018Provision of High Performance Vehicles
PCCG-2012-019Performance Report against the Local Policing Plan 2012/13
PCCG-2012-005Animal Welfare Scheme
PCCG-2012-006Independent Custody Visiting Scheme
PCCG-2012-004Strategic Equality Plan and Equality Objective
PCCG-2012-003Grant Funding Allocation 2013/14
PCCG-2012-002Provision of a Laundry Contract
PCCG-2012-001Manual of Corporate Governance

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